Terrorism and Suicide Attacks: The Crime to Eliminate Human Kind

Piyasha Das
Amity University, Kolkata, India.

Volume I – Issue I, 2020

The human cost of terrorism has been faced by every country and every citizen of the world-destroying every individual’s human rights to live peacefully without any threat to their life. Terrorism clearly has devastated many lives and properties over the years. Terrorist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda many others have put a permanent fear in the life of civilians who are busy earning their daily bread and butter. Suicide bombers are being used to sacrifice their lives in the name of religion and martyrs to destroy the lives of more thousand, aircrafts are being hijacked and lives and properties are being destroyed due to terrorist activities. Even the United Nations family has been terrorized and suffered from human loss with the attack on its office in Baghdad in 2003. And the attack in 2001 on the World Trade Center has left the world terrorized forever. This paper has dealt in detail with terrorism and the terrorist groups dwelling into some of its past attacks. Giving adequate importance to ‘Suicide Bombings’ and ‘Aircraft Hijackings’ which directly and widely affects international law. The paper has tried to highlight the United Nations fight against terrorism and the various conventions that the UN has constructed to effectively fight terrorism.

Keywords: Terrorism, Al-Qaeda, Suicide bombings, Aircraft hijacking, International law, Human rights.


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