Preventive Detention Laws in India – The Emergent Need to be Seen in the Light of Article 22 of the Constitution of India

Nandini Tripathy
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2021

Preventive Detention intends to keep an individual so that to keep that individual from remarking on any conceivable wrongdoing or all in all preventive detainment is an activity taken by the organization on the grounds of the doubt that some off-base activities might be finished by the individual concerned which will be biased to the state. Preventive Detention is the most combative piece of the plan major rights in the Indian constitutions Article 22(3) gives that if the individual who has been captured or kept under preventive confinement laws then the assurance against capture and detainment gave under article 22 (1) and22 (2) will not be accessible to that individual.

Keyword: Article 22, Constitution, State, Right, FR


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