Belt and Road Disputes

Raghav Sethi
Advocate at Delhi High Court, India.

Volume I – Issue I, 2020

This article deals with a relatively newer topic of belt and road disputes which have arisen from belt and road initiative of the Chinese government. Often called as the modern silk road, the belt and road initiative or the one belt one road project is an ambitious Chinese project to facilitate trade and commerce in not only China but the whole of South eastern and Central Asia. Given the vast nature of the plan along with the ever-going politics in this region, it was not a cake walk to bring together countries to invest their resources or give their land for this project. This article details with various aspects of this initiative – in light of the opportunities it would bring in for the region and also in light of the disputes which arise from time to time in making this project a reality. The article discusses the mechanisms which are deployed by the countries involved for solving their problems. The mechanism of arbitration has been dealt with in great detail.

Keywords: belt, road, OBOR, Arbitration, Mediation, project, China, countries, commercial, trade, economy


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