Gender Neutral Rape Laws

Parul Gupta
The ICFAI University, Jaipur, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2021

Rape is the fourth most leading crime in India and an important issue throughout the world. Generally, rape is considered as a crime done by men against women only but by the progress of time it has been seen those other genders such as males, transgender community and homosexuals are also equally affected by this crime. Actually, rape can happen to anyone regardless of their sexual, age, gender attitude. Though there are large number of such cases but most of them go unreported as people fear that reporting such cases will uplift a question on their potency. Rape done with persons other than females mostly go unreported thus people have a low knowledge about it but it is present need that people should know about such offences and proper law and order should be maintained to get rid of such a serious crime. First of all, we have to accept the fact that the victim and perpetrator of a rape can be of any gender and it can take place anywhere such as office, school, coaching, workplaces, prisons etc. Only after changing mindset that sexual offences can be done only against women, one can understand this issue and its seriousness.

Keywords: Victim, perpetrator, Rape, Sexual offences, Violence


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