Does the Death Penalty reduces Crime?

Uday Todarwal
KLE Law College, Bangalore, India
 Gaurav Lokchandani
Sai Nirman Junior College, Shirdi, Indiaa

Volume II – Issue I, 2021

India is a rapidly growing leader in every sector, but at the same time crimes are also increasing. To stop and prevent crimes, various legislation has come into force, even though the crime rates are increasing. Different punishments are there to punish the convicts like imprisonment, life imprisonment, death penalty, etc. People have come on the streets whenever a heinous crime took place for demanding the death penalty for the accused whenever heinous crimes took place such as Nirbhaya Rape Case, Disha Rape Case, Nikita Tomar Murder Case, etc. But there was no decrease in crime even after strengthening the laws. This paper analyses whether the death penalty works as a deterrence factor or not. This paper study theories related to crime, i.e. Deterrent theory, and Reformative theory. It also includes the analysis of statistics related to the death penalty. At last, recommendations are given on how the crime rate can be declined.

Keywords: Murder, Crime, Theories


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