Crime Prevention and Public Policy

Shantanu Patel
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2021

This paper introduces the crime prevention and public policy to prevent the criminal act before the crime committed. The paper will deal with four main aspects to prevent crime strategies namely development prevention, community prevention, situational prevention and criminal justice prevention concerning public policy and its contribution. There are a variety of ways to prevent crime but the public policy also plays a very important way to prevent crime prevention. The person is not afraid of breaking rules for example not wearing a helmet and bracing traffic rules he doesn’t feel the shame of anything, but that same person if not worship or follow his ritual or disrespect his elders he feels ashamed of himself that’s when public policy come in light. The moral public policy creates a pathway to prevent crime prevention. The country like India where public policy and religion plays a vital role in an individual’s life, this paper is going to discuss about how the public policy plays a role in crime prevention as well as the various approach and ways to prevent crime prevention in the society where public policy and individual identities are necessary in-person life. The Indian culture is diverse for example, if some tree has been recognised as a Hindu god then that particular tree will be available in all nearby areas of temple in the same way if a human being is embodied with a lot of morality and public policy then there is a possibility of crime prevention in that scenario. In this research, there will be various ways that will be suggested by which such public policy can be implemented where crime prevention can be possible with them.

Keywords: Crime prevention, criminal offending, crime prevention strategies, development prevention, public policy, criminal justice prevention.


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