Preventive Actions of the Police

Manish Sharma
Amity Law School, Delhi, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2021

Criminal law is as a lot of worried about the counteraction of offenses, all things considered with the preliminary and discipline of the miscreant. Accordingly, Chapter XI of the Act contains certain arrangements with respect to preventive move to be made by the Police in specific conditions. S. 149 engages each Police Officer to mediate to forestall the commission of any cognizable offense as well as could be expected. It might be noticed that this segment accommodates avoidance of cognizable offenses as it were. More extensive forces for the avoidance of offenses as a rule are to be found in S. 23 of the Police Act, 1861. Besides, under S. 150, all of Police Officer getting any kind of information of any structure to submit any cognizable offense must impart such data to his senior Police Officer. So likewise, any Police Officer, knowing about a knowledge to submit any cognizable offense, may capture, with no prior order from the concerned Magistrate and that too without a warrant, the individual going to commit the offense, in the event that it appears to such Officer that he can’t in any case should otherwise try to prevent the happening of the offense. The paper will be majorly focusing on the preventive actions of the police in the light of law and justice.

Keywords: Criminal Law, Police, Magistrate


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