“Mischief” Rule of Interpretation: Beginning of a New Jurisprudence

Shreya Verma
Advocate at Delhi High Court, India.

Volume I – Issue I, 2020

Interpretation of statute is an integral part of the ever evolving legal jurisprudence. Purposive interpretation or the Mischief rule of interpretation of statute has always been a tricky one and more often than not has proved to be quite a challenge to apply. This project aims to understand the applicability of the mischief rule of interpretation and its extent. After understanding the applicability and extent of mischief rule the author will further deal with the interpretation of the word “wife” by the Indian Judiciary in connection with section 498A of Indian Penal Code and section 125 of CrPC with relevant case laws.    

Keywords: Purposive Interpretation, Default Rule, Legislative Intent, Hayden


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