An Analysis of Anti-Conversion Laws in India

Aniruddha Shrivastava
Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2021

Anti-Conversion law is one of the most debated topics in India. India has a long history of anti-conversion laws which can be dated back to pre-independence era were some of the princely states enacted anti conversion laws to restrict the missionary activity.Fear of change I demography is one of the prominent fears for all the majority community all over the world, India is not an exception the majority Hindu community has a fear losing their majority status. The conversion is seen as a major mean to increase population. Anti-conversion laws are seen as a remedial measure to the problem of conversion.

The constitution of India gives person not only to practice and profess once belief but also to propagate it in this context this law seems to be inappropriate. But the anti-conversion laws are not bought to stop the conversion but to stop the conversion by force or coercion. Thus, present paper tries to look India’s anti conversion laws with reference to right to freedom of practice profess and propagate once religion

Keywords: Religion, conversion, christians, anti-conversion legislation, violence, persecution.


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