Custodial Violence in India: An Analytical Study

Amrita Ajmera
Secretary, WKBSM, NMIMS, 2021.

Volume III – Issue I, 2023

Brutality frequently makes the news, exposing officers to harsh public condemnation. Regrettably, complaints of police horrific violence have been received from all throughout the country The police forces in our country give the idea that are teeming with bloodthirsty maniacs who revel in the sight of shattered skulls as well as disabled eyes This impression is untrue. The vast majority of people Police officers and guys have a specific level of dedication. The desire that allows them to cope with the stress and pressure of life their challenging task and furthermore, some people do engage in this behaviour torture and heinous acts. Spite of extensive strict regulations including thorough instructions in county police guides forbidding misuse of power, numerous police officers develop the impression that they may carry aside doing this and it will be impossible to prove such a claim. It also believes that his bosses and subordinates will rally around him and attempt to cover up his wrong doings as a result, incarcerated deaths generate greater energy that illumination. The National Police Commission (1977) looked into reports of police abuse and mass killings in nine states and discovered that the police were to blame. In Eleven of the Seventeen administrative probes, they were blamed, and in 37 of the & two other agencies investigated 23 from out 432 administrative inquiries. According to the National Police Commission, in all incidents of There should not be two necessary legal court inquiries for deaths in custody. An attempt has been made in this research paper to look at the topic from several perspectives.


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